Sunday Readings

First Reading
Eccl.1:2; 2:21-23

Second Reading


The St. Joseph the Worker Parish is situated in the North of St. Lucia. It was created in 1763 to serve the needs of the expanding area under the pastoral guidance of the first recorded Parish Priest, Abbe Termoniac. The entire parish now comprises of the town of Gros Islet serving approximately 22,000 people of which approximately 17,600 are Catholics, the communities of Grande Riviere and Monchy serving...

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Seeking the kingdom.

Trust in God as the Rock of our salvation, as the Lord who made us His chosen people, as our shepherd and guide. This
should be the mark of our following of Jesus. Like the Israelites in this week's Psalm, we have made an exodus, passing through the waters of Baptism, freeing us from our bondage to sin. We too are on a pilgrimage to a promised
homeland with the Lord in our midst, feeding us heavenly bread,
giving us living waters to drink. We must take care to guard
against the folly that befell the Israelites, that led them to quarrel
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